Source code for vaex.samp

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#from sampy import *
#from SocketServer import ThreadingMixIn
#	import sampy
#except ImportError:
#import astropy.vo.samp as sampy
import logging
import threading
import time
import astropy.vo.samp

logger = logging.getLogger("vaex.samp")

[docs]class Samp(object): def __init__(self, daemon=True, name=None): self.client = astropy.vo.samp.SAMPIntegratedClient(metadata = {"":"Gavi client" if name is None else name, "samp.description.text": "Gavi client" if name is None else name, "gavi.samp.version":"0.01"}, callable=True) # sampy doesn't make this thread Daeamon, so the python process never stops on the cmd line # this fixes that #def _myrun_client(): # if self.client.client._callable: # self.client.client._thread = threading.Thread(target = self.client.client._serve_forever) # self.client.client._thread.setDaemon(True) # self.client.client._thread.start() #if daemon: # self.client.client._run_client = _myrun_client connected = False try: self.client.connect() connected = True except astropy.vo.samp.SAMPHubError as e: #print "error connecting to hub", e pass if connected: #self.client.client._thread.setDaemon(False)"connected to SAMP hub")"binding events") self.client.bind_receive_call ("table.load.votable", self._onTableLoadVotable) self.client.bind_receive_notification ("table.load.votable", self._onTableLoadVotable) #self.client.bindReceiveNotification ("table.highlight.row", self._onSampNotification) #self.client.bindReceiveMessage("table.load.votable", self._onSampCall) #self.client.bindReceiveResponse("table.load.votable", self._onSampCall) #self.client.bindReceiveCall("samp.*", self._onSampCall) #self.client.bindReceiveNotification("samp.*", self._onSampNotification) #self.client.bindReceiveCall("table.*", self._onSampCall) #self.client.bindReceiveNotification("table.*", self._onSampNotification) #self.client.bindReceiveMessage("table.*", self._onSampCall) #self.client.bindReceiveResponse("table.*", self._onSampCall) #self.client.bindReceiveMessage("table.votable.*", self._onSampCall) #self.client.bindReceiveResponse("table.votable.*", self._onSampCall) #def connect(self): # self.client.connect() self.tableLoadCallbacks = [] def _onTableLoadVotable(self, private_key, sender_id, msg_id, mtype, params, extra): print(("Msg:", repr(private_key), repr(sender_id), repr(msg_id), repr(mtype), repr(params), repr(extra))) try: url = params["url"] table_id = params["table-id"] name = params["name"] for callback in self.tableLoadCallbacks: callback(url, table_id, name) except: logger.exception("event handler failed") if msg_id != None: # if SAMP call, send a reply self.client.ereply(msg_id, sampy.SAMP_STATUS_OK, result = {"txt": "loaded"}) def _onSampNotification(self, private_key, sender_id, mtype, params, extra): print(("Notification:", repr(private_key), repr(sender_id), repr(mtype), repr(params), repr(extra))) def _onSampCall(self, private_key, sender_id, msg_id, mtype, params, extra): print("----") try: print(("Call:", repr(private_key), repr(sender_id), repr(msg_id), repr(mtype), repr(params), repr(extra))) self.client.ereply(msg_id, sampy.SAMP_STATUS_OK, result = {"txt": "printed"}) except: print("errrrrrrororrrr hans!")
# similar to
[docs]class SampSingle(object): def __init__(self, name="vaex - single table load"): self.done = False self.client = astropy.vo.samp.SAMPIntegratedClient(name=name) self.client.connect() def call(private_key, sender_id, msg_id, mtype, params, extra): self.params = params self.client.reply(msg_id, {"samp.status": "samp.ok", "samp.result": {}}) self.done = True def notify(private_key, sender_id, mtype, params, extra): self.params = params self.done = True self.client.bind_receive_call("table.load.votable", call) self.client.bind_receive_notification("table.load.votable", notify)
[docs] def wait_for_table(self): logging.debug("waiting for samp msg: table.load.votable") while not self.done: time.sleep(0.1) logging.debug("got samp msg: table.load.votable with params: %s", self.params) self.client.disconnect() return self.params["url"]
import getpass import requests from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth import try: input = raw_input except: pass # py2/3 comp try: from StringIO import StringIO as BytesIO except ImportError: from io import BytesIO
[docs]def ask_cmd_line(username, password): if not username: username = input("Username:") if not password: password = getpass.getpass("Password:") return username, password
[docs]def fetch_votable(url, username=None, password=None, ask=ask_cmd_line): done = False auth = None while not done: if username and password: auth = HTTPBasicAuth(username, password) req = requests.get(url, auth=auth) if req.status_code == 401: result = ask(username, password) if result: username, password = result auth = HTTPBasicAuth(username, password) else: return else: done = True if req.status_code == 200: f = BytesIO() f.write(req.content) return else: return req
[docs]def single_table(username=None, password=None): #from vaex.samp import SampSingle #from astropy.table import Table samp = SampSingle() url = samp.wait_for_table() import os import tempfile import requests done = False table = fetch_votable(url, username, password) return table
# while not done: # r = requests.get() # tempdir = tempfile.mkdtemp() # path = os.path.join(tempdir, "out.vot.gz") # os.system("wget -c -O %s %s" % (path, url)) # parts = os.path.split(url) # print("parts", parts) # path2 = os.path.join(tempdir, "out.vot") # os.system("gunzip %s > /dev/null; mv %s %s > /dev/null" % (path, path, path2)) # print(path, path2) # table =, format="votable") # return from_astropy_table(table)