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import traceback
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger("")

[docs]class Signal(object): def __init__(self, name=None): """ :type name: str :return: """ = name or repr(self) self.callbacks = [] self.extra_args = {}
[docs] def connect(self, callback, prepend=False, *args, **kwargs): logger.debug("(%s) connected %s",, callback) if prepend: self.callbacks.insert(0, callback) else: self.callbacks.append(callback) self.extra_args[callback] = (args, kwargs) return callback
[docs] def emit(self, *args, **kwargs): results = [] for callback in list(self.callbacks): # copy it because handlers van add or remove items extra_args, extra_kwargs = self.extra_args[callback] final_args = args + extra_args final_kwargs = {} final_kwargs.update(extra_kwargs) final_kwargs.update(kwargs) try: logger.debug("(%s) calling %r with arguments %r and kwargs %r" % (, callback, final_args, final_kwargs)) value = callback(*final_args, **final_kwargs) results.append(value) except Exception: logger.error("error in handling callback %r with arguments %r and kwargs %r" % (callback, final_args, final_kwargs)) raise #tb = traceback.format_exc() #raise Exception("error while calling callback: %r with arguments %r and kwargs %r" % (callback, final_args, final_kwargs), tb) return results
[docs] def disconnect(self, callback): self.callbacks.remove(callback) del self.extra_args[callback]